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a mad dog on the 13 th of July, and was treated at the Pas-
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considerably thickened from chronic mflammation, while
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to get all of the answer he had given to the interrogation
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birth. Probably both names show only the racial antipathies
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terrorising palpitation, vertigo, irritability of temper, instability
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Butlin, with whose admirable work on "Diseases of the Tongue "
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upon, and intercepted by, the anterior pillars of the
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seem doubtful if there was an exudate of any kind upon
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studied by me the nervous element was not sufficiently
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I knew that Apiol, the active principle of Apium petrose-
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pounding them with a mallet, lightly but often. In every
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are believed to be respectively homologous with the
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retentive splint is applied to the part with the hand very
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viz., sand, emery, lime, scales of iron, etc., which so frequently
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by a rubber pad placed beneath the depressed bone. This case
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scraped by means of a Volkmann's spoon from behind the
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that in 18S3 he had been taken with " pneumonia." Be-
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It has also been determined that the chemical rays exert a
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to build a house. If the sick, the opponents of medical
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was not constant, and the pyeHtis had thus escaped de-
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urination, or where there is a partial hypertrophy of one of
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reveal minor degrees of atrophy. In the muscles, nerves,
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what the author termed a " cephalic tetanus." The fol-
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cases, of the more intelligent patients, who will carry out
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city, where the native population is 49 per cent, and the foreign
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other charts are interesting and instructive. I think the fourth
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of the gTcater curvature is depressed far below the level of
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death, says the American Lancet, was typhoid fever. But
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tom-fooleries. So much for the moral of the subject. As