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they do not work as free and full as they ought to do,
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In each case the streptococci were detected microscopically. It
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was made to bring the stomach into the opening. This
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mucous lining of the bronchial tubes and, ultimately,
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been a hunter's paradise. The south branch of the Muskoka
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thalmic goitre have all the same obiect in view, namely, to
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ble to start a debate on the subject in the House of Com-
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social position worthy of her;" and while he is bending his
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on the family relation, and the teachings which ought to be given
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stop the excessive fermentation in the stomach and in-
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Dover's powder, is much better. I made no selection of
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the first stage being completed and no obstruction existing
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either in the form of an ice-bag, or as Leiter's tubes. Such
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and his scientific acumen %vill be not in the least im-
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not seem to affect the greater or less rapidit}'' of restoration of
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In August, 1899, I confined a young w^oman who had been
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like the "bag of beans," and I judged that there must be
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' Read before the Orthop^-dic Seclion of the Academy of Medicine,
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after, there are others, the more numerous, in which months
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ment or profession. 6. No studies in the evening until
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unusually powerful and agreeable, while for general volume, durability, and richness of tone, the instruments are
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noticeable only in the early phases of the affection, while
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with some hard object (book, etc.) below." Professor
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The object of this editorial note is to reiterate our belief in