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not surprising that diffiiulty should exist in the diagnosis.
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night-sweats, daily expectoration of blood, constipa-
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universal among the articulated and vertebrated animals,
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A member of the Society of Friends sends a recipe for the
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I in 2,000 or 3,000 only. If ever it exist, small doses of
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quickly as possible, to two hours twice daily or more ;
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does not fail once in a thousand times to act within the twelve
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lemon. Recovery. — Dr. Huidekoper, Journal of Com-
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genesis of this symptom. He believes that the actual
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at Gilmanton very little of its pollen was deposited from
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of preparing the food for the more easy operation of the fluids
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be resorted to. On account of the weak condition of the
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were directly traceable to nasal disease. Among these he men-
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the awkwardness of a student who was assisting him,
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has successfully treated three cases of Aspergillus Niger by
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these have died, though I do not know that they have
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the boots should take a polish immediately, dissolve an ounce
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York, has sent us one of the sweetest little books it has ever published, " Polished
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hfs fearfully sudden death. His helpless body was not
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University, has been prepared with special attention to the
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rent, fibroid, epithelial, and other tumors. But in i860 he
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pursued, which is as follows : The drunkard is carefully locked
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old chief. Dr. O'Reilly, were of the most pleasant sort.
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and its motto. You ' labor for the good time coming/ you will
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Nowhere, of course," and tried again. It would not down-
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kidney reproduced with extraordinary exactness the phenomena