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Although the Academy, with such a membership, held a

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climate. (7) Those who are threatened with tuberculosis

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placed on duty, in the passage of a cholera ward, unexpectedly. As soon

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was waste and expenditure and loss of business and custom.-—

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The Savior's Invitation Accepted. Encouraging Inquirers.

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ever such air is found — pure dry air in unlimited amount

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erly report marriages and births, due to ignorance of the

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if they did, she must have some one to ride with her ; that re-

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threatening symptoms. Not more than three grains of morphia

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Lee and Shepard, Boston, Mass. It is a Prize Essay by H. R.

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and relieve the pain in the head. Mr. Knowsley Thorn-

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Progressive Medicine — March, 1905. A quarterly digest of advances, improve-

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had walked at nine months. At the age of ten months

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intelligent men as it gives the population, size, military and na-

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Certificates, all will be returned free to Montreal. Montrealers

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vided he has the wherewith to pay his fare, but we'll snooze with

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monitions were observed ; rather let him conclude they were

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some Iodine in a box with a lid full of holes, the fumes soon pervade the room,

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in region of fourth metatarsal head which radiates down the

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and hysteria of the former, to acute delirium and mania of

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York has a greater number of inhabitants set down to her is

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those to whom the remedy had been administered by city

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as the result of imperfect assimilation of o.xalic acid con

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