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were also present, represented by some of the ministers,
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fatal cases, is an unlikely ulcer for cicatrization. The time
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following advertisement : " James Hodges continues to
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under the combined treatment his life was made endurable ; in
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memorable work nothing has appeared in the English language
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cess, and this improvement has been equally marked in every
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their way into the depth of the decidua, and occasionally into
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diameter of the pelvis, or ''' Baudelocque's diameter." It, or
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The patient whose history I now record suffered from
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day or two of comparative comfort, succumb to a re-
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ness for the information contained in the earlier part of this
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of the nature of the operation, was made to the parents,
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Medical Journal concludes an editorial article suggested
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The few cases that follow may serve to illustrate the
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tion and study of these diseases. How is this to be accom-
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manner. No unpleasant after-effects whatever were noted at
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sun from nine A. M. to five P. M. in summer, is likely to in-
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and live to the ordinary term of human life to those of
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in the absence of a relapse or recrudescence, shows that the
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consisted of lobuli of the pancreas, lying between inter-
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copies, $10.00, and an extra copy to the person sending the club.
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is not only troublesome, but in some cases descends to the lungs, and be-
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physician should emulate. There is a wide difference between
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These offers will be all withdrawn on the last day of the year 1866. —
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it may well be given a place in the treatment of eclampsia and
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forceps, but during the last three years I have used the Porter-
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an educated man, and written in a style at once clear, practical