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Of course, Mr. President, it is difficult to say whether

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products. Put the patient on a low diet, one that is easily di-

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John Rosseau, 69 ; Jno. S. Billings, 67 ; E'. S. Janeway, 64 ;

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during part of its course, seemed to compel a diagnosis

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instances the nasal symptoms may be ignored by the patient,

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before commencing active treatment. In our opinion he should

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same for six days and then began rapidly to improve, so

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tion and study, from one to three weeks, when he directs them

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which is so easily and so infallibly and so perfectly cured, as

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where he had so many friends. Taking up the serious part of

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Parker, William H. Van Buren, C. E. Isaacs, John C.

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titude must stay at home the year roui.d, and it can be done in good health if,

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generous men, who, having labored long and earnestly in

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lander's microbe four times out of one hundred examina-

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commendation ; while the Medical press has also regarded it

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food, by exciting drinks, or forcing tonics, but bring it about

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the 4th and died the 12th. Between the 10th and 28th of

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turned to work, and on September 5th called to see me

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especially when it is remembered that only in a few

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