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interfered with, and tenesmus is often present. Passing of

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ate in Medicine, first as M.B. in 1878, and then as M.D. in 1880.

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and loaded with urates at times; there is frequently headache,

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since the essential cause of Cholera is everywhere the same,

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thing, which gives peculiar color and tone to the individual,

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indicated but was distinctly, harmful, nevertheless, in certain

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advocated by Guineau de Mussy and Lindner, are hot,

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very much real importance attaches to the nature of the

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is just as true as that the smarting from the scratch of a pin

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ognition, in view of the fact that from 20 to 50 per cent, of these

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hardens, applied to the posterior surface of the leg and firmly

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combined with the inestimable advantages of safety, trust-

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at eighteen months, the average at six months. Among the

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In Case IX. of my series, close questioning elicited the

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In 1894, Gibney^'' reported six cases. He advocated that the

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cartilages were attached to the ribs. The cavity was

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remarked that it had resulted from a l)low upon the head,

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able to give such good accommodation to tourists as now ;