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Post-mortem ExaTniiuition — The abdomen was filled with the

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to himself and his patient, how serious some of these troubles

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with the Commissioners of Lunacy for a technical in-

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died, a girl, aged 13, and some details of her case are as

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case which seems to bear out this author's statement.

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Dr. Gunther, or Montreux, mentions five cases of vomit-

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a serious proportion of the cases never get well at all, or

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called to the Bar in 1876. Since the year 1888 he has con-

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374 pages, 79 illustrations. Per annum, in four cloth-bound volumes,

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Stimson says, of the treatment of fractures through the

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odor by introducing a stronger one, that is, attempting to

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on the liver,' 7 that is, " sets it going," makes it work, makes it

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A piece of ice laid on the wrist will often arrest profuse and

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was attended with much pain. These symptoms increased

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now the force that decides, rather than those before

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pneumonia or typhoid fever to the disease from which they

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pleasantly in conversation, and in due time all retired for the night. The minis-

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Here, in my opinion, lies the explanation of the sad failure

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Many a mother has made a bed in weariness, or cooked a din-

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an amount of practical information which will be useful for life,

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same quantity as the day before, and that carbolic acid

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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and (3) Professor in the Johns

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patients who fornieiiy came to have the " neck of the

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possibilities for future perfection. With these two pow-

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defects. The perfection of their training is apt to give them

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from the mammae of Silesians the glandular tissue was

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way of Sanitary Administration in these Colonies. In Psy-