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the top of the windpipe to the extremity of its branches,

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In concluding this necessarily disjointed article, let us

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called the disease, morbus neapolitanus, after the place of its

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Treatment of Movable Kidney. — The literature of this subject

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the crimes of the present reigning dynasty, the perjured house of

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much more susceptible of cholera as it was less liable under

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tried to punish were not, like the Thomsonians, uneducated

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even complete flexion fails to permit its replacement.

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is, the easy preventability of cholera, if timely and possible

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asking if there is a physiological antagonism between an-

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opening is lateral, the anal orifice being marked by a slight

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It may be modified by particular diseases : scarlatina thus

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labor, but could not throw dirt out of a trench. The

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example, but this requires the aid of another person; but as

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anesthetize the whole field, and is preferable to general anes-

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much swollen and painful upon pressure and locomotion.

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successful. They are worth more to him than all the rigma-

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schools to adopt a single graduating term. In 1880 the