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cation of the system, and, in support of this theory, he adduces

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to the household, a nuisance and too often a hindrance to the

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clothes of the spare chamber for two or three hours before they are used for the

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for several days. Feeding by mouth should be begun with

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performed, the free dissection of the extensor tendons, the

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menorrhagia. After one sitting (i.^ milliamperes), slight

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If the action of the Society at its meeting in September

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I have had two cases of primary hysteroraphy, in one of

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sudden development, indicated dangerous heart failure,

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sian women, who, almost invariably, suckle their own

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sident of the Chicago University, Dr. Nicholas Senn said the

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very true, yet it by no means follows that that disease is there-

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to my assistant, about four hundred. I was constantly

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' Abstract of a paper read before the Medico-chirurgical Society of

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stage of labor ; until labor has begun no normal case is admitted

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was for the time checked by pressing a tampon against

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ered with thin adherent membrane, beneath which were

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diagnosis is at fault in some cases of subacute and chronic

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an old paper of mine. There was a time certainly in which I

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bility that certain cases are congenital. In this connection it