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mittee of Arrangements : H. R. Storer, Chairman ; W.
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tween the walls of both cylinders, and is then drawn
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As I had never been able to satisfy myself as to the
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digital pressure, but it was not well defined ; the pain was
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extent sui generis, and who bring to its relief not only the
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quickly the surgeon thrust his finger into the hole to stop
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plants for the window sill, or the conservatory in cities.
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Dr. Van Gieson presented some sections of the spinal
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eign current literature, and is offered at a reasonable price.
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ordinary breakfast of chops or steak. So that when set-
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else the disease is of a milder type than that of a year ago.
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in girls. This he attributes to the use of corsets by the
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question there can be but one reply, were it only to prevent
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means of diagnosing corneal ulcers. Any portion of the
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me to write in such a manner that I know my reader will
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grow fainter at once, the one on the left noting no change.
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103 and 105.5° F., on two occasions reaching 106'"''. It
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matron and nurses of the Hospital, after considerable experience,
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a magazine for the young, but other literary engagements drew
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age of what might be seen. " Hold on, be steady, I see the tail/' and with
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York, but the author selected some from M. Cadet de
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evident that excessive quantities of water must be harmful.
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Or " Falling Sickness," is the sudden loss of all consciousness,
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oxygen, and so used, with nit. monoxide, it should be a
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ether, and that it is nearly the only anaesthetic used out
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By Campbell Meyers, M,D., M.R.C.S., (Eng.), L.R.C.P., (Lond.),
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not done, although it was shown that the man was available.
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that we can now control the spread of infection in a more