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tion upon March 31, 1888, was a most serious loss. Yet
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ent, it varied greatly from day to day without definite
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which followed the reading of Dr. Gay's paper, pro-
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and the joint capsule, or in the joint, but I incline to the
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I diagnosed the position O.D.P. by abdominal palpation a
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hemiplegia were on the same side, a cortical lesion was
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is sixty five per cent. Other places may be equally dry,
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micro-organisms themselves Thus Malvoz injected into
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the Boston Society for Medical Improvement in 1842, and
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j4, C, and B — C representing the cornea. On the base
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about two weeks. The tenth day usually sees it at its height.
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Historic Masters of the Healing Art were Men of Classi-
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used to throw a stroni^ light on the part of the eye examined.
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thirty years ago," writes Mr. Tait, " there lived and flour-
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chophony. Left posterior region : Flatness on percussion
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as possible, to give the complete medical history of each
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G. C. H. Meier, R. J. Nunn, T. F. Sanders, J. Craft, W.
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animals lapse into a chronic condition. The toxic nucleo-
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History. — He had lived in Barbadoes all his life with the
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the following pages, to set forth its value as briefly as pos-
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that on water supply and filtration are full of practical infor-
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iologic a;tion in any given idiocrasy is apt to be modified,
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to exaggerated intranasal or reflex irritations. In some
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careless manner, unduly free in her intercourse with physicians
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an apostle, when sending greetings to a friend, in subjoining, after