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Antilyssin (an-te-lis'in). A substance formed in the blood of an

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mission she was talking incoherently and in a hysterical manner, and

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ture death. This has been proved in all ages, through the medium of nunneries

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case 50^ are worthy of notice; but^ dating so far back as they do,

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ably their connection with the blood-vessels of the body. Very

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The catheter in bladder was felt by finger in rectum. Severe colic

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we check the need for hypertrophy, thus reheving the increased

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so many cases where blindness, deafness, insanity, idiocy, or some peculiar bodily

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when a disease is common the proof of its sympathetic origin in any

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effect which the sight of an idiot will have sometimes upon the foetus of a

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prove this he first gives the result of statistical investigations by

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exhale, cough gently, and then to breathe deeply. This pro-

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infection has already been overcome and in which the symp-

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time contains about 50 grams of glucose and the blood-sugar

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four or five days. Dobell's solution was prescribed for gargling

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* Frothingham, Fitz, Folin, and Denis, Arch. Int. Med., 1913, vol. xii,

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ple become degenerated and pass away, as have the nations of old, for disobedience

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world will render life no longer worth possessing — seeing herself a scorned and

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Dyspepsia is a prevalent disease in this country. This fact is owing mostly to

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bronchi, the expectoration has special characteristics, its colour is a

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vulsed, and its equilibrium overthrown. Hence it is not the religious excitement,

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I desire the patronage of only those invalids who are well-disposed, who have faith

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been similarly reduced. Whatever the nature of the infection,

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conscience void of sin in that which is laid upon her. For if the belief remain that

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pneumonia, are more frequently seen than cardiac ; but most

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births there would be 200 males to 100 females; while it' the mother be so much

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conditions, and thus that no reliance can be placed on the shape of the

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Whether these bodies in their earliest development be cells

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practised this method. He says — When a loop of funis is still high

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murder ? But what need is there for enforcing a point well known

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The succeeding winter was also one of extreme severity, and