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the breeding industry. It will not only make secretaries more careful
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No. 2 to B. A. I. Order No. 137, shall become and be effective on and after October 1,
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most favorable to the production of molds on the various kinds of
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the one already described, which should snugly receive the specimen box. Upon
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tine line from which shipments were permitted after inspection, viz,
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sera of these animals contained both antigen and antibody. They used
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Twenty-first Annual Report of the Bureau, the annual report of the
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condemned by the city inspectors were lying around on the floor in various places. The
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** (/) Sweet pickled, dry salted, smoked, and other similar meats, lard, lard compounds,
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by this comprehensive treatment greatly reduces the incidence
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ExpEBiiiENT I (d). — October 29, 1916. Nasal, pharyngeal and intestiwa
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stantly exposed. The outcast dog, the so-called " yellow cur," roams
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instead of opposing the admission of American pork for want of in-
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The results of this injection vary, but the animals tend to group
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inch lumber from the back of each stanchion to sheer streak of waterway, the heels of
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gutting bench. The carcass is here eviscerated, and during this process carefully exam-
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loss of weight. Their urine at first contained some blood and showed
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would-be members replied, or as soon thereafter as a
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strated in it The pancreatic duct opens normally, and the pancreas is of
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