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was Lister's introduction of antisepsis into surgery, his introduction of

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mol) should be tried. When the abscess is situated near the periphery

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The glandular enlargement becomes obvious on the second or third

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may act as causes. Ball-tlirombi have been found in the auricle.

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where. We lay claim to being scientific. Let us see what is a sci-

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disease progresses the anemia becomes more marked, edema of the de-

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fected side. In children, and even in adults, the lungs and thorax grad-

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abasia ; it is one of the rarest of the motor phenomena of hysteria. The

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dence to each opinion which he expresses. Though he modestly says in

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dyspnea, and general dropsy may admit of com.plete relief. Later, restora-

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Mellon, R. R., M.D. Laboratory Contributions to Homoeopathy 949

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to and sometimes even greater than KCC. All the contractions are slow,

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use of ergot. Next to this agent the bromids and acetanilid, given

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are dry and caseous-looking, and their peripheral zones fibrous. They

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life and happiness of the community which are made by these,

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a case reported by Osier. It is most probable, as Dietl himself sug-

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the tonsils with the tonsillotome, snare, or bistoury. In offensive fol-

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are administered in the third week, and continued for several weeks or

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may be produced by the irritation of scratching. Mercury, sulphur, and

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edies that are most efficacious for good. As a rule, however, sedative

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of these thrombi, pulmonary embolism, attended with its usual symp-

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ing feature. Sometimes this reaches such a grade that the left half

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placed into the lower part of the abdominal cavity, but a change in the

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the segments, and when seen in the early stages there may frequently be

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added to long trips, often extended his work hours far into the night. His

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I believe, a large proportion of cases which will prove unsatis-

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Crossen, M.D. Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Washington Uni-

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This implies the well-known physical signs — inspection, palpation,

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affecting the thorax, neck, face, and arms may be noted. Swelling of