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may become infected and later, ulceration take place.

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The tail is curved strongly toward the abdomen in tlie male, this, with its

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Perihepatitis is an inflammation of the capsule of the liver. It is im-

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the first sound of the heart. The maximum intensity of this murmur is at

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a slight rise in temperature — never tyjoical ; the patient complains of headi

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opening in the viscus should be closed by means of a Lembert or Hal-

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developments commence in a proliferation of the pulmonary connective-

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or 1:50 solution of carbolic acid in boiled water. Drainage must be

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is sometimes accompanied by fremitus. Hayden offers the following

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the carotid pulsation will establish the diagnosis.

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Diphtheria may be distinguished from scarlatinal sore tliroat by the

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Indirect Violence. — Fractures from indirect violence take place

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whether these are really predis[)()sing causes, or that the acute yellow

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pared. The best of these are iodol, salol, aristol, and dermatol. These

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the respiratory and vocal sounds the crepitant rale returns, but is -soon

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system, such as gout and rheumatism, seem to predispose to the disease.

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There is often great tremulousness and subsultus tendinum ; in the ad-

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bronchi are engorged and covered with a muco-pus, while later a second-

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dulness are the diagnostic points ; of these the etiology is the most impor-

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tine or biliary passage has suffered perforation. Symptoms of localized

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may be certain that he is controlling the peritonitis, and as it is controlled

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located in the eye. Some Avriters believe that they are true sarcomata.

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nection with amyloid changes, and are accompanied, by similar develop-

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Torticollis. — Torticollis, or wry-neck, is a condition of contraction of

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bosis. If the coagula are small, it is possible for them to disappear after a

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will permit of complete dislocation without laceration of the capsule.

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are developed. In ty^jhlitis the pain is superficial and unaffected by the

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such that the escape of pus through the mouth is facilitated.

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ward and the radius forward, reduction can be accomplished better, and

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BUeSBbyML 1 Tha LMfiSoppar. to Ii«m«3o d» TlocL Wbj 17.

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«n?mic, swollen, often relaxed and ecchymotic. Still later it is collapsed

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orifice as the result of the valvular thickening, adhesion, and retraction.

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the banks of our Western rivers, where some of the most pernicious types

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physician will depend upon his experience and his knowledge of the an-

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ration is oppressed, and shows evidences of the approaching spasms. There

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As the pleural cavity becomes filled with the fluid effusion (which may re-

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is from eight to ten days, but in feeble infants it often lasts for months.

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