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tion, etc., which are put on exercise, generally die. Later when


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matism would probably come within the meaning of the term rheumatic

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thickened and was strongly pushed upward, so that the base of the tongue

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and unfortunately it is also true that patients are advised by

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cul-de-sac, with slight rises of temperature, disappeared in sixteen days. A

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picture impressed on the patient's mind at the time of the psychic

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arsenauro, 12 times weaker in arsenic than Fowler's solution,

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inflammatory affections of the peritoneum was just beginning to

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subjecting them to a climate of which the leading characteristics are the

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three cases there was also a rudimentary vagina and in all of the three

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The most characteristic feature of life at sea is the combination of rest

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in a Lee's steam-draft inhaler, or bronchitis kettle:

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the centre of the corpus callosum, when, on examining its cut surfaces,

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paratively advanced stage of the disease the therapeutic results were tolerably

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Every intelligent reader is familiar with the introduction, perfection,

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20, 1887, and January 28, 1888, four acute cases of ear-disease were reported

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"I haven't had many occasions to use the Lane plate, but was obliged

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of the chief obstacles to its use. Dr. Reynolds has had exceptional oppor-

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Professional Guild of Kings County, which, together with an

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escape gastric irritation, for in many hundred cases not a stom-

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fires. Where cellars or basements exist, with walls in immediate contact

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troenterostomy clamps in securing a dry field of operation.

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at times black spots and flashes of light before the eyes. There was

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business and recreations. It means production for use in the in-

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a projecting foreign body, by causing an abrasion or other injury

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the desire to get their names before the public and to pose as the

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