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understood that the head of the department is in no way the

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Moorflclds, 1 P.M.— Mr. R. Marcus Gunu : Externa! Exami-

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have to deal. It is on these principles that we have acted in

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the fluids of the body. Arterial tension required for its pro-

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teacher. In a manual intended for students this is perhaps

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tained; the epithelial cell nuclei take up the hematoxylin in the nor-

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the integrity of the vagus nerves ; this effect also is se^n

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ring a median opening. He had done inany colotomies with-

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a practical certainty is a suthcient reason for the careful investigation

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but be gratifying to the Naval Medical Service at large.

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medical officer of such institution as aforesaid. The Act further states

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instruments, he thought that the periods of time were prob-

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beneficially influenced legislation on public health for many

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permanently restoring the shape of the foot. Like sj-ndesr

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Parliamentary Bills Committee. — The question of the pay-

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the funnel douche is much safer than the syringe, unless the

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occurred, but, on the contrary, diminishes more than can be

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Surgeon-Captain F. O'KiNKALV, Bengal Establishment, is appointed to

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Bill iuakes it unlawful for any vessel to enter a United States

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tagia of small-pox and syphilis, it was to a large extent a

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festly been careful, has missed a few necessary corrections.

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down on a community this dire and loathsome disease.

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16th, having been much relieved from pain by the operation. At the pnsl-

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regard to the notable advances: made of lateyearsin thjamoafe

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very much smaller amount of chloroform when injected into.

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sickness paid for being 1,128 weeks against 1,039. This was

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the amount of fall being very slight, and the height at the

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the necessary arrangements for the hanging of the portrait.

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mesmerism, animal magnetism, or hypnotism, phenomena

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to the centres the new incitations which act upon them. The

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,that tlie whole of these phenomena in all of tliese patients

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importance to their future patients. The main heads of the

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intensity as well as the duration of the sound of the vibrating

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in nearly all these instances there was history of some slight

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yellow fever of 1S67 and 1869 ; appointed by Her Majesty the Queen as one

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