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transparent, the reaction acid, the specific gravity from 1005 to 1010,

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ends in perforation. The appearances of catarrhal appendicitis are the

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serious trouble, but in delicate children suppurative conjunctivitis,

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proximity to the smaller curvature and its peculiar shape are com-

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frequent of all these primary causes is cerebral hemorrhage, which may

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forced to do it by a morbid impulse which he could not possibly control,

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The same result follows rupture of the heart, or of an aneurism of the

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the alcoholic subject during the condition obeys immediately and mechan-

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MORBID ANATOMY. In interstitial emphysema large and small bub-

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general tuberculosis the onset is more gradual, there is often evidence of

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body, as from abscess or gangrene of the lungs, from visceral or periph-

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much affected. The universal escape of the muscles of the eyes, thorax,

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cially at the posterior end of the lower turbinated bones, may be lobulated,

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The pulsion diverticulum is single, and arises from the posterior wall

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regular intervals, the hyoscine being withdrawn if found in any way to

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tation, shortness of breath, disturbed vision, ringing in the ears, failing

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on its transverse axis in extreme enlargement of the abdomen from ac-

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be the duty of government to disregard the feelings and rights of indi-

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mal or constant, and is sometimes accompanied with profuse secretion.

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F. K. S. Surgeon to King's College Hospital, Professor of Sur-

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the thoracic duct by thrombosis, scars, induration of the mesenteric at-

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the conscientious discharge of his duties he lends a willing ear to any

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specimen becomes cold, it is suggestive of albumose.

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of chronic endarteritis are frequent in the pulmonary artery. In pro-

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Its presence may be inferred when, in the course of more or less severe

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which is often indicated by a diminution in the quantity of urine before

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are used for one distinct purpose. Thus, in the employment of atropine

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The former may even exceed in number the latter, which in normal

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diac area. The sound is often superficial, being louder in the upright

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inically. Alcohol is often indicated, and, given sparingly in the form

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cussion of this matter, we desire to express our conviction that such regu-

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TREATMENT. In the treatment of scurvy drugs are of very second-

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The gastric crises, the most frequent of any, are characterized by vio-

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oedema subsides. There is profuse sweating, which, with the fever and

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closely allied to the bacillus coli communis, from which it is often dis-

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no attacks of gout, the urine of such patients has the gouty character-

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