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The Southern Presbyterian Review, issued quarterly, $3 a
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could not sit upright, and the head fell to the right side.
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selves at his laboratory to undergo the anti-rabic treat-
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to bed. Let the friction be sufficiently vigorous to cause an extra
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lupus. He rubs the acid into the patch with a cotton-wound
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same. Of the various preparations the ferro-potassic
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involves all the cutaneous sensations, and often even the
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Alcoholic drinks are objectionable, the intemperate being par-
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every twenty-four hours. To look for restoration in any other
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affection of the thorax, which manifests itself by fre-
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unknown reason, there must be a reversal of the periodicity
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The unhappiness of those whose religious training has been
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the Principals delivered a parting address to the Graduates, pre-
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first week, others in the second, but all agree that it is
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and not from the room itself — this open, low down, air-tight, easily regu-
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<eyelids show ulceration from superficial abscesses. The patient
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As regards the urinary examination, Our knowledge at the
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heavy aching, or a general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness, coming on in the afternoon
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liver to work with sufficient vigor to withdraw the bile from
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ted the theory.several years ago that while it was indisputable
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Dealing with the rather surprising claim that if the work of
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paralysis and opisthotonus. The symptoms in tetanus
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gelatinous, and semi-transpaient mass," about one line and
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wound. A similar case is recorded by Trousseau ' in a