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giving them succor. Through the cooperation of the Swiss

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I say the blame is Dr. Estes's, if the sermon is dull,

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University of Berlin, read a paper entitled The Definition

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years ago the decreased mortality from tuberculosis

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amination while in the hospital gave the slightest clue to

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association, the master key that will open to us the

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to the University Hospital, Philadelphia, etc. Illustrated.

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successful, possibly because they could not penetrate

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attacks without loss of consciousness. The fits began by

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ly, it seems that typhoid will always be with us, but

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netirasthenia and to it attaches the train of neuras-

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of specimens of that concretion (of which the orig-

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after a simple ordinary meal not including tea, cof-

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rary existence of tlie Royal .Society as a proof that

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in the colony proper, an examination of the records

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and the patients returned to duty within ten days :

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Harris, Chicago) ; November 4th, ++, with slight tinging

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too strongly emphasized, as I feel assured that the

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An epidemic of diphtheria in ^^'e^tf^eld, Ma^s.. has be-

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ment : Active mercurial from onset of eye symptoms to

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It is, of course, very obvious, to even the most su-

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Three plates. Philadelphia and New York : Lea & Fe-

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In all his cases but one the spirochastae were elimi-

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United States Department of Agriculture ; Dr. Charles E.

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1 Phylogenetic Association in Relation to Certain Medi-

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170,000 epileptics in the L^nited States, less than 5.000 of

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