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ing into the bladder and relieved the retention. The pain
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charge of by a nurse and a student, or by two nurses. They
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The mountains are better than the sea-shore. One should not choose a river-
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first serious application of the electrical current to the
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I presume that the United States is suffering more than
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neck of the womb should be left alone. He says that they
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ducts, arterio sclerosis, fatty degeneration and syphilitic
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skin is almost black, or of a dark leaden hue, bad, in working among the
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Medical Purveyor, is, at his own request, relieved from the
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curable, a trial of resorcin would seem to recommend it
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the difficulty of classifying cases Various methods might be
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pulled down the broad ligaments, transfixed the cervix,
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sion of these reflections, Mr. W. A. Purrington proposes
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would, undoubtedly, be how to deal with the superfluous
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the normal angle with the arm. The elbow was placed
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development, with a high mentality, is the most valuable asset
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who set out fail to a degree out of proportion to the
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20 per cent, of the children examined were found to have
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The Examination of a Movable Kidney. — A normal kidney
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gested that children bore these injuries better than adults.
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ating employment or pastime, and there is an entire change in