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of Internal Medicine for eighteen years ; among his col-
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were in favor of the radical operation. He was not in-
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without rales. Left anterior region : Dulness on percus-
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The cause of fever and ague is " miasma, " the meaning of
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Swan, Robert, Past Assistant Surgeon, ordered before
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tionary was published when fifty-five, a phenomenal task in
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proval, those who are laboring to this end will be given
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monthly on the globe ; every issue has more than one hundred
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continuous with, and anterior to, the direct cerebellar
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action of certain bacteria, should only be undertaken in-
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doing or any debilitating ailment. If you wait until the cholera
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When he was discharged, on December 20th, the bones of
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Professor of Medicine, at the Jefferson IVIedical College, Phila-
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Rodman's suggestion, advising the excision of the ulcer-
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cluded from practice because of peculiar views on thera-
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firmed by certain other appearances in the affection, such
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patients at all is by reversing the accepted order of things
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breathing animals, the muscular systems of reptilia and
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What the " Home Missionaries " had to encounter near
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black tea from a cup, died. It is not uncommon for servants,
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better results would necessarily follow. The stigma, in the minds
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into that of spinal and peripheral origin ; of the latter,
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early in the history of the disease. While we may do
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every twenty -four hours ; it may not be ^ard and dry, it may
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out of the water, verdure clad. In the three lakes, Muskoka
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water and approach the interior of the continent. Thus
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do better even than in summer, and its value as a place of