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on the left side and not so liable to injury. The artery should
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A single case, and that of recent occurrence, in New York city, will an-
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man is now fighting it in Germany. Whether he will be
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October 31st, 1904). He believes that this failure on the part
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The thirty-eighth annual meeting of the Canadian Medical
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Professor of Clinical Medicine in the same University.
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placing idiot children in asylums with adult pauper luna-
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sponsibility coming from other localities is very unwise.
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the sheath/. At d is a graduated scale, which serves
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destroyed before coming into contact with the phago-
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on the lymph, giving a similar hue one and a half hours after.
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myth. It has been described, and the description has been
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residence, and after a brief holiday in Strathroy, will locate in
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the presence of tlie micro-organisms, while the general
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are apt to forget that the amount of urea excreted in the urine
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dissection is made from below upwards, and when completed
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as exposure to the causes of it in the first place is per-
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in well marked local tenderness, swelling, and painful and
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accurate in his judgment, truly and unselfishly consider-
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had been treated for rickets. He had never been able
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fewer deaths, would indicate that physicians are complying
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little prostration. During the next two days there devel-
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finally end in coma and death, as in one of these cases.
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of the sensory nerves with the dilatation of the arteries
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in all cases, what has hitherto cost from one hundred, to five hundred dol-
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Societv.— At the annual business meeting of the Wash-
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was, in women, chiefly effected by excitement of the mu-
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