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The histological researches carried out by Stewart at the

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premonitory symptoms recorded in my notes are as follows :

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Disease in Pregnancy," and " Eclampsia," and their inter-rela-

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demned to live on, hopelessly suffering, while there is a

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flow of urine and lessens the arterial tension. I have started

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of the same. It is the indelible stamp which He himself

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There are many points in this brief narration of our aseptic

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ened skin by means of a soothing ointment, such as that

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become more extensive ; it extends to the womb itself,

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some reason no heart displacement, I had my colleague, Dr.

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not study without books, and a good reference library was

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as the passages begin to loose their colorless appearance, they

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It seems reasonable to sup^wse that the obstruction at the

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The bilateral symmetry of man, such as exists between

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movable kidney is by no means to be discovered in all cases of

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of the temperate zone, and these, again, from those dwelling

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Don't make your diagnosis from the history of a case,

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tioned. In one of them he had a severe rigor which lasted half

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Dr. Jno. H. Knight, of Wallaceburg, has also been appointed

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Return of swelling, with slight tenderness, but no pain.

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such disagreeable impressions on the senses, that we instinc-

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notes entire absence of rectum and anus in eight cases,

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insane at the Salpetriere a little more than one hundred years

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in the phonograph, but speaks of the still important me-

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In fifty consecutive cases of typhoid fever, treated in St.

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the third and fourth metatai so-phalangeal joints. The longi-

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noted nine times. Knee-jerk was increased in all, and

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tion. — Die British Medical Jpiinial, September 15, 1888.

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of Dr. Riley, of Au Sable Forks, who discovered that he

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tioned by several surgeons. Bigelow,' in a discussion

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bed, bleeding profusely. She had been pregnant about