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with advantage. As, however, it has seriously aggravated the symp-

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results are in this respect in accord with those of Leichtenstern. This

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slow pulse often goes with deliberation and good judgment.

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It is further to be noted that because of personal idiosyncrasy the

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the first part of the effect of muscarine the first influence predomi-

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impaired vision in the right eye, and paralysis of the external rectus,

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the preceding year the patient had noticed a steadily decreasing field of effort.

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extract was without action except in a single case that gave a considerable

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tive or other measures. If they be small and superficial and not

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references at the end are to the families fully described in the paper of

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Injuries of the cervical vertebra?, especially fractures, have been

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but hard plates are seen here and there presenting sharp borders

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and reached a maximum within a few hours after the last dose had

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by Dr. James Angus, of Newcastle, had suffered from myxcedema for

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spinal fluid were reduced to 5 and the patient felt well. On November 3 the

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the heart fell into delirium. In a case of this character Stokes dis-

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month. Although the pneumonic crisis was reached in four days after admis-

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freshly expressed thyroid juice mixed with an equal quantity of dis-

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whole chapter of bacteriology has been added. Contributors speak

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March 14 showed a very slight trace of albumin, many coarsely granular casts,

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(3) the beneficial effects of medical and surgical treatment of the en-

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and during that period there were no signs of cardiac decompensation.

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larly by Mallory's connective tissue stain. We have applied a con-

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twenty minims. It is best to prescribe the extract as it is prepared,

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nec described as a conversion of the muscular tissue into a sub-

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quently noticed in connection with menstruation and pregnancy.

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toward the neighboring glands and, owing to the infiltration in and

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some impairment of kidney function. The remaining six cases were

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effect that nerve cell alterations may appear within twenty-four hours after

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mindedness twelve times, morphin addiction three times, deaf-mutism

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Uterus of the guinea-pig, excised, the action of the so-called female

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was fixed at the base. On the posterior surface at the apex of the

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tical areas other than the parietal, such as the frontal lobe and the

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tendinese were much thickened and fibrous. \t the junction of the

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hypertrophied left ventricle. The autopsy revealed perfect valves