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you remark, there was no meioitatis to the heart. Tbe disease of the
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general infection. Yet the fears of patients have led to divers experi-
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was intended to describe the peculiar habits of the plant.
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stages of the disease, and later' on paraldehyde, given freely. Before drugs
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action of the heart, and the defect of vision. Tobacco amblyopia is
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hind, attempts are sometimes made for its removal by instruments, and
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sal muscles by thrusting a large hook into the flesh, each side of the
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the doubtful exception of azote. Like us they are furnished with the
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leading from the yard, which conveys the water to a distance, into the
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trying to send on their contents into the portions spasmodically contracted,
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Fish. — Some fish are inherently poisonous ; they are mostly found in
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hearing was too obtuse for low conversation, and yet it was sufficiently
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grafts, retain their vitality, and form what is known as secondary nodules
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given once or twice daily, while the child is sitting in a couple of inches of
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lingered on, greatly emaciated, until some time in July following, when
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rise, and by the character of the stools, and the pain in the course of the
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clinical lectures on the cases they witness chore. Insirnction, by lectures or examiotlioBi, wil K
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left foot. The pain was excruciating ; still no disease in them was ap-
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In the case of pigs, he found that five out of six inoculated with human
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the bed. There is often a suffused look about the face, which may be pale
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New York University. But as the latter school will not commence
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Hcamalom in the Infant. — Whenever an infant vomits blood the physi-
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is capable of acting directly on the uterus; it has, however, but slender
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In Natal a delightful climate, somewhat moister than that of the
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Tbe Supporter is of simple construction, and can be applied by ibepalient without further aid. Witli-
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circulation, intercostal neuralgia, and modifications of the position and form
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funeral services were to commence, and by the reluctance of the mother
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whom were males, and seventy-four females — were admitted into the hos-
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On Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women and Children, and on Chemistry, by Da. CHAaasaa-
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before the diagnosis has been made, and appears to do no harm, but there is
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folds, and chin, but they may also occur on the upper part of the trunk. It begins
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and a little manm^eiated at its anierior part, in 2 cases. 3. Softened,, of
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digitalis, and other remedies of this class will be appropriate.
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ways seen lung fever attended with pain in the chest, cough, difficulty
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[Commaaicated for Uie Boston Medical and SurgicalJourual.]
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from albumin and sugar, but which on spectroscopic examination gives the
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