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stylet, or lingula. Should the infected insect, after its salivary gland
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to tetany, such as epidemics of diarrhoea, or of some acute fever ; or bad
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not necessarily of the skin. I have traced the connection of impetigo
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each cord remains slightly crescentic in shape and a chink is left between
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The impulsion towards verbal utterance is not the only form that this
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current disease, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or diarrhoea. The weight
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with the facial nucleus in the pons, or the result of pressure on the nerve
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— 2. Bebnhaed, L. "Prodromal and Secondary Exanthems, " Munch, med. Woch.
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The emotions are all exaggerated, especially fear and apprehension. This,
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should be forthwith placed under care and treatment.
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the term " criminal lunatic " is not applied except to a person who has
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and ten before 20 years. Of these fifteen cases twelve were males.
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is not necessary to hypnotise normal children : ordinary education ought
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within a period of two years. Indeed it is rare for the epileptic insane
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These hypnotic states may pass off; they may become recurrent or
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functional disturbances, or perhaps even haemorrhages); yet not univer-
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zygotoblasts or sporozoites. Finally the blastophores disappear, the capsule
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a glazed minutely nodular layer, as if a solution of gum tragacanth had
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conditions (for example sunburn), probably play no part in their pro-
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volved before any other part of the body. The feet are next affected, or,
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formation does not complete its work suddenly ; it occupies, on the
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the room. Well-developed muscular sense appears to indicate mental
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cases of idiopathic facial spasm causes the pathology of this condition to
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the face, or even of one side of the body. A common variety, found on
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the aponeurosis and the cranium. From such lesions as these all degrees
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condition of the connective tissue round the hair follicles or glands, others
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in the manufacture of such a host of articles, such as wall-paper, hat-