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granted in S. O. 67, November 12, 1888, Division of the

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Subscribers are likewise requested to call our attention

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of this point has been neglected. Dr. Newman reports a case

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This patient experiences a dull pain, limited to the region of

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pulmonary abscess formed in the right upper lobe, that

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improvement occurs under the above treatment, all forms of

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degrees is dropped upon the cornea by a pipette. The treat-

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by J. H. Blanks, M.I)., Meridian, Miss.; "Perineal Lac-

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a snare , or applying the electric light in some slightly

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few oases die directly from the disease, but that many do so

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have issued " Leaves of Life," being striking facts illustrative

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in the Richmond Medical Journal for Februar}^ 1866, states

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mechanical appliances, the want of a suitable material

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ounces. It takes too long to give divided doses when a con-

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tion of two hearts into one — for awhile any how. Perhaps if it

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The approaching amalgamation of the medical schools

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Hemiplegia developed in a patient whose convulsions came

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fatal now, under the same treatment. But the deaths by

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in all the sections. A special congress museum is being pre-

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anything is owed to the illiterate of our profession. The

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stage, went to work soon after inside a boiler. On emerging

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disagreeable creeps run all over the body ; and whether in these,