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to the Scottish Asylums, Edinlnirgh. eic, and T. C.

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5. Our Observations in Epidemic Cerebrospinal Menin-

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ter than control animals. The ef¥ects of pituitary

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-Stand in Romberg's position and then attempt quick-

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stitched by a buttonhole suture to prevent any leak-

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of painful tenderness, spasm of the recti, or other

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use, as the finer coordination required in skilled mu-

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fasting. 3. Tender point in the region of the pylorus.

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found to be located chiefly in the mucous membrane.

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Grinker, Julius. Journal of the American Medical As-

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be sttcceeded bv Dr. John B Deaver as John Rhea Barton

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(b) If such widow or next of kin at the time of his

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threshold in the last instance does not carry with it a hyperglycemia.

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Anscherlik, Hugo. Beitrag zu den bisherigen Erfalirun-