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a very large proportion of cases begin in diseases of the teeth or the
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compression of the lung from the presence of liquid or gas in the pleural
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TREATMENT. In acute intussusception all food should be withdrawn
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ances that result from the invasion of the respiratory tract by the bacillus
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chial lymph-glands, and, suddenly entering the pericardium, cause its
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symmetrical upon the two sides of the body. The affection is usually
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If there be a tendency to relapse, alcoholic stimulants should be given
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the local use of cold is preferred by the patient and should be practised.
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left to herself, she ynH effect cicatrization in proper time — a time over
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PROGNOSIS. Recovery usually takes place in the course of a fortnight,
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prolonged that they run into one another without any complete inter-
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sac nearly as large as the fist. It is usually single, although sometimes
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