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register. Repeating in short what I have already stated, I say the student who starts out to
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today is the pressing need of proper hospital facilities for psycho-
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stance circulating in the blood, although it may be said we cannot
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is to be avoided because, like physical therapeutics, it disturbs the
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the sex life of woman. From this large amount of work it has
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we are not legislating for the profession only. One gentleman has said, "in the interests
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resolution, the abuse of hospital charity ; it is a matter concerning which I spoke on a
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ence with the law of drug action that it is unnecessary to bolster
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12. In all unprovided-for cases, both in Council and Committee, resort shall be had to
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again for twenty minutes. He then came to Boston and was admitted to
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each case the obstacles in the way of recovery, and how to remove
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culture and soon perishes. Add calcium carbonate to the broth
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Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia has a new re-
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time for attention to the act, with most of us will date back to our
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Dr. Kirk's authority says it is more common in men. Dr. Kessler says
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prepared to give a testimonial for it, believing it was true, which testimonial would be used
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made any attempt to move his left hand. At six months the
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should be removed and she should be wrapped in blankets and
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more closely the origin of degenerative organic changes are ques-
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done. Laws would be passed and enforced for sanitary dwellings
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so much lower than it really is ; I cannot think of the hall as level,
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This second report must be considered to be by no means
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of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario a voting paper and circular directing each to write
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done along the most practical lines. The opsonic index is not
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Can this combination be found existing under better condi-
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character (Abraumzellen of the Germans). These cells were free
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curettage was done. The entire surface of the uterus was covered
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to their bodily health and prescribe Munyon's remedies ? A. — I do.
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definition: "Medicine is the science and the art of adjustive and curative
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and warmth. Occasional change from the crowded city or town to
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done anything which has so touched to the quick the heart of this re-
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equipment of the latest addition to the Hospital, the Evans' Memorial
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In the four cases of peritonitis, one associated with a sup-
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capable of producing is brought near perfection only by manifold
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the way of experiment during the last century, than in any pre-
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his confidence, as it were, advised with him as to the nature and kind of lettersjthat he
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respiratory diseases and tuberculosis, the situation is not so hope-
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out the problem of Federation. Its personnel has been appointed
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or he has a pneumonia of a different etiological character"
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impaired from the frequency with which syphilis attacks the
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Rules for the selection of a serum or a vaccine are not suffi-
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placed three inches apart on the abdomen, connected with the gal-
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roll was called were Rev. J. W. Black of Edinburgh University,
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that any member should say he was willing to give the building away. I maintain that is
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