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augmented contractions of the ventricle excited by movements of the

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TABLE 27. — Behavior During the Seventh Year of the Disease of Those

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When applied to the surface of the heart, the terminal was composed

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fiber in each case indicating which one of the two points manifested

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Since June, 1908, she has had convulsions and edematous attacks at irregular

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(Fig. 4). Gallavardin, Dufourt, and Petzetakis 1 have shown that the

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this variety was found by Weichselbaum (Archiv fur pathologische

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heart is not infrequently affected to a considerable extent. The

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elsewhere, by the signs of heart failure, usually in the absence of

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3. Plesch: Ztschr. f. Exper. Pathol, u. Therap., 1909, iii, 380.

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Goodhart found that in a large number of cases of chronic renal dis-

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blood-vessels was the essential morbid change. When, however, it

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cent, ortho-acid the slight decrease in the reading indicates a slight

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A review of the literature on dissociated icterus will show how the

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In every instance there is a peak in the age period 5 to 9 followed

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suffered an attack in the first year and again in the second, but escaped

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about one-half the thickness of the adventitia is the media. This

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riosclerosis, anaemia, dyspepsia, etc. The various toxins may be

4 cardura

and close them for the reason that the valves were overlapped by a

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a rise in the glycosuria following the ingestion of protein, but very