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METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL, Kingsland Road, N.E.-Ophthalmic Sur-
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-linable to confidently determine. The woman herself owned
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effects, however large or dangerous its dose. A man may come very
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out of commission at an early period. The thyroid also is a temporary
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lymph, which showed that when fresh it gave rise to nume-
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symptoms are of an adynamic character. In milder cases the papules
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Some cases of this complaint are supposed to be malarial in origin,
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trict was presented witli a testimonial consisting of a cheque
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should be administered in doses of from 15 to 20 drops of the wine of
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her. There was no sweating at all. She complained of ex-
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the lines of the cheek and the mouth on one side compared with the
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Tender us service. Under such conditions imagination runs
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be harmless, but placing cholera on the water is playing with
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Spontaneous disappearance of fibroids ; patients over 45, or
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the conjunctiva and subconjunctival tissue about 3 milli-
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one way it can also do in just the opposite way, so as to re-
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mittee of the British Medical Association, whose drum was
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and the water allowed to nm out of the catheter, and then the same
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ally in dogs. The cause is usually a neuritis produced by exjxjsure of
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the same to their respective Secretaries. Members of the
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■ at Mason College, Birmingham, vice H. Gilbert Barling, M.D.Lond.
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assistant medical officer. By an arrangement with the. Customs ofiiuers
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a great difficulty in obtaining leavo. but it is alleged their grievances on
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■Hypertrophy of both Feet in a girl, aged o\ years. The fe^
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still sufficient to prevent glycosuria, as we have already remarked.
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(1) Case of Adenoma Sebaceum in a girl. (2) Case of
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flushed with 1 in 3,000 solution of perchloride of mercury.
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9. Knowledge of a woman heated are her eyes bleared (?)
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Martin, A., M.D , Berlin. (Title not announced. >
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more benefited by the administration of small doses of arsenic, either
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To appreciate the full significance and gravity of such a process,
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1S4, isiii, 24S, :U1, 32i:, 448; infectious accommo-
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infiltrate neighboring tissues, but, at most, simply to displace them.
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written recently tor the Government of India, that it is tolerably
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address of the place from which 10 of the patients came was
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enteric type have been of frer|uent occurrence since the out-
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Taste was very distinctly impaired in this case, and as the
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before each meeting — namely, June 29th, and October 4th,
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gery. Salary, £2U0 per aunum. Applications to the Registrar by
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brands at present sold as pure ether. It is easily inspired,
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disease are headaches. With many patients they are almost of daily