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process of modifying properly the innervation of the different muscles neces-

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02) types office' cream freezers and tiieir differences.

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and a study of his actions. At times sudden movements of the head as if

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before the opening of the school in September. No student will be

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first place, is, in rare cases, the termination of an acute meningitis. Sec-

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pasteurizing cream for buttermaklng. Since the coil pasteurizer does not agitate the

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may undergo temporary exacerbations and remissions. An intermediate posi-

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occasionally associated with the diminution of the tendon reflexes. Through

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country and far beyond the loss by death in the profession. When we think of

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the laity, from a natural dread of the worst forms, are disposed to believe in a

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Sections, treated analytically. (The requisite information on these

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which the skin is so tightly stretched as to present lineae albicantes. The

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acteristic, is the hyperaesthesia of the vertebral column, and, in women, of the

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affection occurs chiefly in youth, somewhere between the ages of eighteen and

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1921 by Mrs. Stanton A. Friedberg in memory of her husband, is awarded upon recom-

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William James Kirby, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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culties and contradictions. The experiments by Filehne, in which symptoms

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London or Dublin Society of Apothecaries, or a member of the Phar-

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seems flabby, thin, and less rounded. Here and there its surface presents

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the skin which in advanced cases may reach as high a grade as in the per-

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required either before or after presenting themselYes for the first examination

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syncope. Treatment: Tannin, stomach pump, amyl nitrite; morphin in con-

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like, oscillating muscular contractions occur. On galvanic excitation of the

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spontaneously, or if they are incised, they are found to contain little, if any,

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a.ttend on the physicians in the Hospital, should they be required to do

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and Children, Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Surgery, two couraes ;

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cataleptic states, and the patients are often suggestible, performing various

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