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that are its concomitant, as difficult urination, se.xual decline and
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to wander into the hands of lay and medical quacks rather than apply
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unsweetened, or sweetened with saccharin, diabetin, or man-
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the effect of temperate (33° C.J, cold (15° C.J, warm (40° C), and
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mospheres (twenty-two and a half pounds), which is much less than the
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animals is the most advanced. All animals are rigidly in-
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cause it acts not specifically as thyroid extract, but only by the
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adapted to, and most efficacious in, cases in which the larynx is involved.
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nerve mechanism, conveyed probably from the sensory nerve endings
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pirical origin; in other words, true science had not yet
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are now aggravated; slight muscular twitchings and sleep-starts occur;
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along a line running about 1^ inches (3.79 cm.) from the inner end of
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gen from the tissues, is established by the investigations of Oppenheim
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furnish typical cases. The symptoms vary and are indefinite, but per-
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two hours ; omit whiskey. Temperature remains below 103°. Enema (turpen-
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and other great men have been gathered here on the borders
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do not see anything improbable in supposing that there is, at
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one or two capsules a day, or perhaps to give the same dose but
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of ill, for him should be provided, within strongly guarded
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tion of an air-space. In salt and water, two ounces to the
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the general nervous system. What I have said of fruits in
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he may find out all gout to be uric acid plus a microbe, or a
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sterilized milk. Pasteurized milk is less apt to be a factor in
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or fibro-caseous change. These minute, hard gray or grayish-yellow
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ful attention and study. Time alone can show the results in
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Returned from Europe and Settled in New Castle, Delaware— Its Pecu-
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apply these compresses with a minimum of disturbance.
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present century has witnessed its complete downfall from a position
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often have such excessive blood-pressure, also in chronic
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regain the ground that was lost through the bitter opposition aroused
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In the discussion of the best temperature-reducing baths known
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viously brought about by the vital contraction or relaxation of the firm
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The best for such a purpose are Red Astrachan, Summer
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they drank more water the ill effects of a vicious metabolism,
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bourne have analyzed 100 cases of adult tuberculosis (bacillary phthisis) ;