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ter, readily dissolved by water, sparingly by alcohol, and not at all by

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When given so as to produce the peculiar effects above enumerated,

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By Dr. Currie's treatment, it was believed that the fever was

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evaporation. " In some of the upper provinces of Bengal, where the sum-

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is becoming part and parcel of that which we are, the opera-

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erless. In epidemic cholera it is said to have been found useful ; but

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similar results by the rectum. From half a pint to a pint and a half of

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both of whieb are not nnfreqnenclT followed bj nausea and dei>ressio&.

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were fed for the same time — the one on milk and the other on whey, and

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ticles of the food on each other, a process of putrefaction, or

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dental The first may be ranked under the heads of age, «ex, temper-

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be aaid of headaches and other cerebral affections, purely functional,

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It will be remembiTcd that the congestion is, in these cases, merely the

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who has just finished his apprenticeship, will swing round

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fore, though they may afford much relief, even during the continuance

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sliould not be continued longer than is necessary to the end in view*

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pulse, increased heats and a heightened colour of the surface. It is said

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operate as an emetic and cathartic; but this probably happens only

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change of situation, change of air, and change of food, than