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to a grain of opium, is, as near as I have been able to determine, one-sixth

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by distillation from cloves, is occasionally employed either alone, in the

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soundly for hours, and rise refreshed and ready to continue

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b. Constantinople Opium, This, so far as it is a distinct variety, is

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acteristic that, when met with in other bodies, it is distinguished by the

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The father of physic has very correctly given his opinion

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by them in relation to it, the weight of probability appears to me to be

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a desire to do justice to a much neglected branch of Medical

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process in the stomach. Majendie found gum in the urine of a person using

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current of air, has been of late used in the mode of a douche, and pro-

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than an old woman. It is this dread of being considered an

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ing severe headache. Their inferiority to the Continental

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periodic, in the ordinary mode of prescribing bark or quinia in the inter-

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recommended, to the treatment, namely, of fevers of a low or typhoid

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cess of self-deception, with ever-increasing inabihty

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part of the ward was close to the temple of Cloacina. The

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<iiiiiiiiiL M hmiitric in ml if dttr ftrttfcii;. su jti^ vjtir*/ii)4:ai> W %┬╗iciii '/ut UH)

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are in no degree diminished by the use of ammonia ; and the same ob-

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ing ; therefore bread that is not too much purged of it is

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and not by a chemical reagency upon their organization. From the sue*

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groond fer apprehension from this canse, it maj be obriated

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efficacy ; as I do not believe that the nitrate, when swallowed, will reach

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TherapeiUic Application. This root is said to have been long em-

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heat it melts, and on cooling solidifies into a dark-gray, crystalline ma

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secretion from the part or organ affected, preference should always be

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before being absorbed, and through this agent produce all its general

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parts of Spain, and supposed to be the cicer which when fried

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operate revulsively by inflaming or irritating the skin, as in various in-

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sidered moist or dry merely from the quantity of rain that

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too narrow a basis for the support of such an opinion. I have new

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