Could Taking Citalopram Cause Itchy Skin

interpreted by most persons as a confession of error.
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The only treatment used was a glycerine injection each evening alter
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sively advertised under the auspices of Mr. C. B. Harness
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Medical Officer for the Ull'culme District of ttie Tiverton Uoiou.
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opinion; such an opinion can only be given after repeated
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Dr. E. Ground, Maidstone ; Mr. M. G. Grey, London ; Dr. H R. Greene,
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of those employed in that department, covered as it was from
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chester ; Dr. ( '. E. Shelly, Hertford : Surgeon-Major. (T) W. E. Tres-
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mary for 1890 the Registrar-General gives charts which illus-
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gut by the wall of tlie incision. It was, therefore, difficult to
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sta9, Studien in Statistics : Registrar General, Annual Summary jor IS90.
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Proposed Cholera .^hijt on the Thames.-ln answer to Colonel HOWARD
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Square Hospital, as well as the dinary medical adviser of
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We understand that the general medical survey of the English
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The 163rd meeting of the Scottish Universities Commission
could taking citalopram cause itchy skin
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educated midwives, still not knowing what form legislation
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legs ; headache was present ; no optic Ineuritis, no history of
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Rules governing the proceedings of the Society were agreed
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acquiesced. This kind of thing cannot be allowed to go on.
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for the deep congestion and haemorrhage from its surface.
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before that Committee a number of coroners, registrars, and
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The fresh tissues do not contain albumin either, or only in
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Medical Officer to the County Council of the West Kiding of Yorkshire.
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tory organs in these towns was equal to 4.8 per 1,000, against 4.1 in Loudon.
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their adoption. For want of a better basis, death-rates are
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