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have not yet met an injury caused by foot-ball playing,
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application of warmth to the extremities. She recovered
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instances where that rule proved disastrous to others.
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French military hospitals, I saw quite a number of cases
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subjected a fresh piece of bowel to the strangulation.
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1. American Journal of the Afedical Scitiices, 1S76.
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Fifth. That the remote cause is an influence about which we
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that our receipts have increased three times in six years, and
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Island. Dr. C. D. Parfitt, in his report of the hospital, refers to
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To purtfy rancid Lard. — The following is said to effect this
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States. Dr. Pritchard is a professor in the Post-Graduate
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the stable. At the end of a few days the trouble dis-
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of Russia, whom he accuses of ha\ang simply counterfeited
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a swab to the bottom of the shoe, but not hot enough to burn
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ation lave used \t, and in every vase it has proved satisfactory to them.*'
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wrung out of cold water) are usually very grateful and scothing
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been wisely determined to have the cellar off from the family
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scribed as atrocious, prohibiting any handling of the limb.
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that very easily passed from the sphere of politics to distrust
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September ist. — Leucoma has become macular ; bridge
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keepsie Insane Asylum. Yet, wonderful to relate, he
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costs twenty cents ; still, as meat is mo're easily digested than
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movable kidney upon the results of the method of examination
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was procured by weights attached to the foot over a pulley,