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neurasthenia is the major element in the train of troubles
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stances. It seems to me that there is no need of making
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stood and its duties and obligations were properly met, -a vast
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severe character has, on occasion, been experienced in the heel
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frequent occurrence of phthisis in cases of narrowing of
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The glance through the years commences with the Grecian
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his work on nervous diseases. A fairly good number of papers
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fessional men, who may chance to see this article, will hereafter
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pressively follow, they do inevitably result to all persons, under
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When Cholera is present in any community, each person
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collected 190 cases with 12 per cent, mortality, and Kinnicut,
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the medical ranks until he was forty years of age. Andreas
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son to fall asleep in five minutes, who, with cold feet, would
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least once a day with weak solution of carbolic acid or
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with great pain in back, shooting into loins ; nauseated.
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Other French dentists have also contributed much to the develop-
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(&;) Exothyropexy, recommended by Jaboulay, of Lyons.
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I believe that I am correct in formulating this opinion,
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instituted, comes too late to save the life of the patient."
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ankle clonus had been obtained upon the left, and not
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some days, and can often be avoided if mercury be given
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ing compelled to sit in the draft of an open window which some
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ing one sound, or a series of sounds, at one sitting, \vith
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been taught by a foreign celebrity " to take in his wind by
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as the man who had done more for the library than any other
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aesthetic. Then the author injects from one-half to three-
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on July I St last by a mad dog, and treated at the Pas-
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difficulty of finding a person who has sent for them profession-
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and also other marked nervous symptoms at these periods. The
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that the tissue changes of the schizomycetes cause their
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miles from town causing great havoc of life and limb, and this messenger