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Fortunately neither the patient's patience nor Mr. Ernst's
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ation being usually as far as the boat would go. There were
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closed. The urine does not contain any sugar or albu-
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from Hall's Journal of Health, would do well to invest it in
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I took in divided doses thirty grains of antipyrine on
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cent., consequently there should be no agreement to sell at!?110,
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Dr. A. P. Dudley then read the paper of the evening.
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efforts as a temperance advocate, in addition to being
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gravel. Why, then, should there be a formation of oxalic
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it would also be asked to consent to the borrowing of $50,000
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The details of this treatment have been given in previously
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— From The Cat's Pilgrimage. James Anthony Froudf,.
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2nd degree. The kidney can be held between the fingers but
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lain in the heart a goodly period previous to death. Its
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as the earth comes. How to fill an ice-house will be a subject
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