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1. Caustic applications to the nasal mucous membrane may

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land in return. They had to take a share in the responsibilities

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larged ; weight, one ounce two drachms ; very marked

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tion as I. do now, but it is not endurable to be compelled to

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neglect the far more important consideration of evacuat-

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parts of urine and sirup ; and that her three children,

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followed. It was evident the medicine had neutralized

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glass of water (250 c.c). Should the water, by simply

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physical means, which are stated and illustrated by cases com-

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been without one since the disastrous fire of 1890.

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munity of the mountaineer ceases as soon as he abandons

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of the attack was not easily to be determined. The pre-

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the mortality of the British army in the Crimea was diminished

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doctors of Murray Hill, who know little of the oddities

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Bagdad, about 600 A.D., we are indebted for the first accurate

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effort should be made to remove as fully as possible from

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applied it may extend from just below the elbow to the finger

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be a living thing, the gentleman calling it vegetative, a Sporule ;

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by old adhesions. The small intestines were markedly

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the discharge is so little that even if no urine is voided at

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ways. In a certain very small proportion of cases they

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me that he had a good deal of pain after that, and passed a very

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the floor of the mouth on the left side. Dark-colored

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ing advantage of this condition of things, make exhorbitant charges for

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