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we should become the terror of Europe. — Merck's Archives.

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negro man, thirty-four years of age, fell across a wheel-

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She had not, however, referred to a paralysis of the ex-

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becoming cystic. These changes had originated in degenerated

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principle is certainly a correct one, and having worked in a most satisfactory manner so far, alter ample testing

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band, who had barely strength enough to get out of bed ; they

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every ten minutes, or even only every three hours, according

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follows. Pain it usually relieves, and in most cases an

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in one case was different from those given to-night, it

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had to work for her living and could neither indulge in a long-

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It is an established fact that patients suffering from goitre,

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His great work, however, was accomplished in his last ten

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cocaine and adrenalin, was removed at two sittings. After the

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even if possible, to separate mind from body in this con-

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the anterior and jjosterior aspects of the thigh, slight

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traumatic neuritis, still sub judice. Since attention had

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in my case, 1 would have to confess that it is verj' difficult

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after you have waked up, until you feel rested in all your limbs; but do not by any

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ing undergone digestion. About fifteen seconds before

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filled, and our streets, lanes, and alley^vays, after nightfall,

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view the purpose of the book, i.e., for reference, the author has

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Never in the history of the old " Tabernacle " of Broadway,

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children and sometimes find what looks to be a follicular

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rational means. Bodily comfort, or health, and mental comfort

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uterus. The "cut" surface the instrument made in this

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"going-out" to another. The outer dresses of both sexes

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tity being limited to one small potato for each rabbit.

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acetic acid is very diffusible, thus penetrating the tissues