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the mammary gland, unattached to the deep-seated parts, but

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few years there had been a great increase in cases of inflammation

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attended with excellent results. and so much needed in winning bread for

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eyes injected ; skin in same condition ; tongue a little furred ; pulse

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being torn out of him, and a dragging sensation at his heart.

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teresting case of a maiel-servant who fell down-stairs with a

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to guard against them, to recognize them when they appear or

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dextrose, gas appears within 24 hours and continues to form for from

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demonstrated by the same improved tests, that many other cases,

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or less influenced b}- its conditions of life. When, for example,

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frequent occurrence, and some varieties of which are almost ne-

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Dr. W. B. TOWLES, formerly Professor of Anatomy and Materia Medica, University of

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eyes was relieved ; the many and hard cicatrices were removed from the

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time of improvement corresponds to the anemia with the general history of uncina-

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undue accumulation of blood upon the right, or upon the left side

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ment of wliicli, of course, covered and concealed tlie vaccine

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and to obtain unions of the most difficult nature by an operation,

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1867 and 1868) gr. xl caused slight effects, and gr.

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doses varying from two and a half to three and a quarter ounces

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medullary matter may be unduly reddened. The large joints

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The chemical combination of an insoluble organic acid with a

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death. The earliest indication of the disease, is a yellow-

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■*Ether should be used in preference to chloroform for rabbits, as the

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This contagion is said to have been carried to Ireland

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days at ordinary room temperature, were killed in from one to

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Bennet's Winter and Spring on the Shores of the Mediterranean . . 38

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sick, and that, too, by giving doses several thousand times smaller

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which gives rise to only a very moderate degTee of inflammation.

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accurately described in the eighteenth century. Very destruc-

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comparative production of acid by allied bacteria. Jour, of Experi-

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that has been often remarked, that those cases are the most suc-

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