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is a very different lesion in distribution and in appearance, and could never
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cases, the third glass of voided urine shows a cloudiness, it should be examined
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fever were in children. In the patients with acute rheumatic fever in this
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and again when it was eight and one-half months of age. During this
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A meat diet, tending to render the urine acid, might cause disintegration
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In cases of goitre with severe symptoms it b proper to cariy out more
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iynipliaties. The increase in nn)lar eoneentration will also alTect the
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in tnis type are thick, sometimes clubbed at the ends, sometimes "sausage-
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taken place in the size of the tumor. It felt warmer
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looks well, and has united in several places ; about
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* American Practice of Surgery (Bryant and Buck), 1907, vol. iii.
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with other foods. It may be said that early in the disease it is often
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to the kidney or the bladder, as the case may be, setting up a bacteriuria
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lateral ligament most often of all. The extent of involvement varies greatlj^,
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oedema, calls for rejection of the risk or special rating, and suggests a careful
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subsequent removal of the thyroid. It seems more natural to explain this,
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are still occasionally mistaken for nephritis or jaundice shows the need of
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idc. I'idlialily sciiiiii ulolnilin really consists of two or inorc proteins
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Why ufasmic convulsions sometimes occur in such a sudden manner,
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adenoma, at otners sarcoma, and at others carcinoma; but he gave the