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' !nit1a11y2^*»«;e is a superficial infection of the skin with the fdrraation of thread-

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il Ji fi;*.*!- T ^*r]®*^.®f control methods,, sc^ of »^ich will be discussed in a

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King (H. D.). ^Etiologic Controversy Eegarding Pellagra. Jour. A. M. A.,

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ing contrast with the great, heavy cranial portion of the head. The head al-

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the skull (i, e., the removal of a bone flap, paring it down around its edges

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is, that these paralytic symptoms are combined with paralysis of the extremi-

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or narfe healthy wws.- The approximate coR^sltl on of illk'ls: water, 86.9 perSenti

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able difficulty in articulation. This, to be sure, is only exceptionally great,

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tabes is absolutely certain, even if all other symptoms are wanting, because

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connection with cerebral hemorrhage. The rate may be put at about fifty to

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have a certain significance in the aetiology. We must also consider arterio-

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in about eighty per cent of all cerebral tumors. We should therefore never

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[Head, Sherren, and Thompson, as a result of their researches, are doubt-

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of research, it has been found that the rest of the neuron — the cell body and

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*^ (7) Subcrisslon of samples to the laboratory for testing in accordance with,

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out any great pain, and disappear again in a few days. Such attacks may be

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^ Withiii five d#ys after the vessel arrives in port, the frozen shrimp

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with practical illustrations on the cadaver is given. Diseases of Women

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already been mentioned. We have already referred to the increased sugar con-

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electric shocks, etc.) play a far greater, and perhaps the greatest, part in the

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difficult to decide whether these neuritic pains are produced by direct irritation,

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tion of the hemoglobin which has undergone solution, and converts it into

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slight. The commonest situation for spinal hemorrhage is the gray matter,

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and the influence of suggestions, which may be potent not only with the pa-

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been frequently seen. The point of a knife or sword may penetrate the spinal

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20 oz. eggs or^n SJe o^'osltl'lfdeX^'ll! Vg^"" ^^'^ '"^^^ ^'>^

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