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cut away in such a manner as to leave a piece of ovarian tissue,
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history of gestation, of puerpery, of the mechanism of labor, of
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to take a tube and apply one end closely to the part to be exam-
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transferred to that ofObstetrics and the Diseases of Women
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The treasurer's report showed a healthy condition of the
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disease first described by Kussmaul and Maier, which is as yet very imper-
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teen years of age, and was engaged for six years in busi-
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necrosis of fragments, both long and difficult to repair, at
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23. " Transplantacion de Parte de la Tibia a la Espina Dorsal Como Trata-
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lege building, due to the conjoint liberality of T. G. Rich-
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The descent from disappointment to scepticism is very rapid."
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indeed opposed, as they are pathologically — may yet give rise
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was a clinical assistant to Professor Willard Parker, of the Col-
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On the other hand, if the firing, instead of being median,
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by removal of the ovaries, and cited a case where both ovaries
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the cholera epidemic of 1852 he performed courageous and valuable
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In none of the latter could death be attributed to its use. It was administered dur-
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pages being headed "stomatitis," "acute gastric catarrh," etc.,
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of rickets is but seldom difficult if the charac-
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month ; os readily dilated by the use of hot-water injections, and
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Boston Gynaecological Society; New York Pathological Society; New
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used legitimately, is of great importance to every homoeopathic
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And in spite, too, of my having all the time administered inter-
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initiate such a movement as the present one, that the pro-
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The whole work offers most significant and convincing testi-
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and she replied, " Find a drug that will produce a similar
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its Value" (X. Y. State Jnl. of Med., 1914); "Carcinoma of the
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Experiments upon Indian Samples, and to give an Account of
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with regard to transport, and the extension it is supposed to
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The election of officers resulted as follows : President, Dr.
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children are like plants : they need much water, and thrive best
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nected with the growth of the bones. As a result of an increased absorption
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manner : Counter-extension is made on the ischium. On
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has always been an earnest and uncompromising advocate for a higher
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de-sac wounds, are exceptional ; total perforations habitual.
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we must content ourselves with dressing the wound and
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served her time as interne in the Woman's Hospital, and
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