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beats per minute ; the appetite returns, and the patient passes

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creased rate of breathing and manifests itself by a cough and

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1. Bitting. Leeches or leeching. Bulletin No. 2^, Florida Agri-

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R. B. Gardner, M. D., of Barnesville, Ga. Jno. S.Wilson, M. D., of Lawrenceville, Ga.

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phlegmonous or oedematous swellings of the sheath, scrotum,

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through the skin ; and it cannot be disputed that the thermal

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complications are probably just as frequent ist. Inspiration into the lung, during

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power to start the machinenj of the vocal ajDparatus, whilst when

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together, in proper form, the" profoundest thoughts of our greatest

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performing herniotomy, immediately gave four grains of calomel

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with me, and confirmed my diagnosis. On the 20th of September,

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and was seldom more than two or three days without a series of

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three or four cilia agglutinated at their bases by a crust, and

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show that this is primarily due to a wound infection. He

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matic anthrax virus have been proposed. In 1880, Arloing,

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obtained almost as decided as from the oil of the liver of the cod,

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fact was taken advantage of by Pasteur in the preparation of his

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Organized in ISSO for the Special Medifal Treatment

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child is well. The hand will remain permanently injured and

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bably also on a diseased state of the mucous membrane near it.

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persons get employment as attendants. They have done so,

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subject of a similar affection, about a fortnight a<ro. He could not

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production of indol is reported to be one of the properties of the German

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tion occurring from the sudden application of a depressing cause,,

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ers present declared that this was the cause uncinariasis,

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solution, whether intravenous, subcutane- sterile filtered water of a strength of 0.6 of

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forms of the organism may be found, but later (in from

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thighs, perineum and udder. In these cases it may be con-

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Much of the value of these findings consists in their mak-