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liable ; notwithstanding the close labour to which so many
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der it leas ofTenBive to the stomaeh. A beneficial chung€ is usually ex*|
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coucretcB, afler expression, into a soft unctuous sulid, of a yellowish or
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except when at its full, and then merely in consequence of
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ter. It imparts its bitterness to water and alcohol, but, it is asserted,
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without oil or fat, but the fat fish are more indigestible than
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ous cachectic affections, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary consumption, and
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welcome within; perhaps a longer abode in some place of more general
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In paralytic cases of long standing, in which the original cause, if
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exhibits most distinct effects on the human body when used
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crous, or more rarely furious character, tremors, paralysis, and at last
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is to get denationalized early. The true student "^°^^^^^^
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willing to hope that the therapeutic advantages claimed for the remedy
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being administered, in the absence or decline of the fever, as antiperio-
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ingredients being absorbed, unaltered or modified, into the circulation.
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Another advantage of the salts of morphia is the facility with which
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This class of medicines, more rapidly than perhaps any other, lose
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of the stomach, and on the otlnir to ^rxiiaurt iir r-x'r!i;ibilii v. 'i'lio dyh-
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For Bedxa! parposes elwtricitT is deTetop^?^ or excited in four some*-
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vivant ou niort, duqiiel ils ont cniancs Foedere, torn. v. p. 2(55.
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student wider — if he gets away from the mechanical
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lowed by local swelling, in g^ieral readily dissipated, through tincture
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Silver, Copper, Zinc, and Biitmuth ; nod 3. the Reconatructivt Tonics, to which
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it may often be advantageously combined with laudanum or other liquid
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what we can /<?, not to get what we c3inJrom, life. '"^
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43. Wallace, W., H. M, Wallace, and C, A, Mills. 1942. Effect of
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I am often asked — \A'hy have you not tried the Pseudo-
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